Thursday, 1 July 2010

Shock Horror, Actual Knitting

I made it a couple of weeks ago but hadn't got round to blocking it. We like? I love!

The pattern is brilliantly written, like everything else in the book. Fans of this blog will know that I've made many of the projects from it already. It really is the best book, and my go-to-pattern-source for new inspiration.

My favourite part is probably the miniature orange buttons, which really lift the jumper. It was a great fun, easy and quick knit and I'd love to do another some time.

As always, moss-stitch is such a great "edger" to a garment. It's always been my favourite, though garter-stitch can also look just as effective. You may have noticed that I have a little crimped edge to this jumper. This was not intentional; I merely threaded the blocking wires* through every other, rather than every stitch. I'll probably re-block to make it look smoother, but it's no biggie.

* I really can't believe I waited until fairly recently to succumb to the wires. I ordered these from The Loop in Islington (now Camden Passage) and they have revolutionised my garments and the entire way I approach blocking; what a life-saver! Get them, if you can.
Do you like the raglan sleeves? I'm really pleased with the way they turned out. The pattern appealed to my love for knitting in the round, and I did the same with the sleeves (which wasn't in the pattern), then joined them on the one needle, reducing stitches towards the neck opening as I went.
I think an orange one with perhaps green buttons would also look good. Probably one day, but I have a huge list of projects waiting to be done.

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