Thursday, 1 July 2010

Little Bo Peep

These are the matching/contrasting Baby Bonnets from Last Minute Hand-Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. Yes, that book again; it really is that good, believe me!

I made them in Rowan Kid Classic, a wool/mohair/nylon mix that I have previously used for the Red Side-slip Cloche, amongst other things. I wanted natural colours, and you can hardly call the heather colour natural, but it's a soft hue and looks beautiful in person.

There's a lovely old-fashioned feel to this pattern. I had worried that it just wouldn't translate in today's modern fast-paced world, but you can modernise-it-up. Some of the kids on Ravelry are really rocking it!

It's a very easy construction to learn, and I polished both bonnets off in a weekend (a weekend which was also filled with other activities, so they don't take a whole weekend!).
The garter edging is very pretty, don't you agree? I also learned the applied I-cord binding which I had wanted to try for ages. This was a really good project for it.
Each bonnet uses much less than a ball, so you can easily get the two bonnets out of the two balls, with lots left over. I may make some matching mittens; my only worry would be that they could be a little itchy for tiny hands. We'll see.

Next up, expect something in Shocking Pink! It's almost finished; I'm just working on a sleeve.
Bear with me while DH and I take a well-earned rest over the next couple of weeks. We're off to the isle of Harris, followed by some time with my family in Speyside. Bliss; can't wait.

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