Friday, 23 July 2010

Holiday Part II

Summer cherries. Brought home on Monday night by DH. Lovely.
The second week in Scotland was spent with my family in Speyside. Much knitting was done, amongst lots of other wonderful activities.

Our friend Sheena gave me her 1950's editions of Vogue and others that she had been given by her friend Jessie. They're so interesting and fun to browse through. Bed-jacket with sleeves that extend into gloves, anyone? Mohair "thorn" crown?

My Mum sent me home with the most beautiful Araucania skein hidden in my luggae. What a treat! I've never bought this before, but have always wanted to try it, and these colours are so tantilising. I feel a pair of miniature socks coming on...

I had already bought in Three Bags Wool (the best ever shop, and now in a larger, better shop space in Craigellachie). This is destined for a sweet little cardie from an edition of The Knitter.

I also bought some pure white merino for a cabled blanket from Simply Baby.

My Mum is making the most adorable sleepy suit in aqua and off-white alpaca - the softest ever!

We cooked a lot together while I was there, which I always love so much. This is a poached salmon for friends who came over, garnished with nasturtiums.

Followed by a strawberry and lemon tart, which looked like Strawberry Shortcake, and was deeelicious.

I didn't want to leave!
So what's OTN? This is a clue...

... I'll leave you to guess, but it's Artesano Alpaca in Aran, a lovely powder blue. Progress is going well, but not as quickly as I would have hoped, given the weight of the yarn.
Back soon with more knitting updates, I'm sure.

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