Thursday, 22 July 2010

Provence Cardigan

This is the Provence Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald for Classic Elite Yarns.
Though I loved the teal version in the original pattern, I happened to have this fuschia in my stash (are we all proud of my stash-busting?!).
I'm really pleased with this. I made the 6-9 months size (I'm covering all ranges of sizing at the moment).

It's a fast, easy, delightful knit, with just a little lace to make it interesting. Notice the leaves at the bottom of the two fronts? I'm not mad about lace, but this little detail is subtle and really finishes the piece off perfectly. The leaves are so sweet and pretty.
It's edged in moss stitch at the ends of the sleeves and bottom of the cardigan. You'll notice the neck edge has a garter edging instead. I had originally immediately decided to convert the neck edge to moss stitch to mirror the rest of the garment, but in reality this would lead to all sorts of messy stitches and fudging around the corners. The garter that the designer used works so much better and she was right to do it.

As you may already have guessed, I converted this pattern to knit it in one piece, merely picking up stitches around the arm-holes to create the sleeves. As usual, I'm pleased I did that, as it makes everything go so much quicker, results in no seaming and I think little bodies would appreciate not having abrasive edges inside the cardigan rubbing against their skin.

There was a minor issue with the sleeves as I of course had to reverse the shaping as I knit them first of all top down, and second of all in the round. They worked out perfectly though.

I seamed the tops using Mattress Stitch, but could have easily done a 3-Needle Bind-Off, and that may have been even neater; I do love a good 3-needle bind-off. Oh well, next time.

I will almost definitely make another one, probably in a larger size and perhaps in lavender, teal or powder blue. This pattern seems to look good in every colour.

Lastly, before I sew them on, can I ask you for your advice: the buttons. All through knitting this cardigan, which only took about a week (and remember I only have evenings free to knit), I had imagined it with mother-of-pearl buttons. I had imagined little heart ones. Can you believe that in the huge button stash I didn't have anything suitable, (only little flower-shaped mother-of-pearl ones that were too small)? What a shame, I had to go and source some new ones! Of course, I knew exactly where to go and as soon as I got back from my holiday, snatched them up on Monday at lunchtime.
I'd be grateful if you would take a look at the following options, and let me know your feelings. I am now leaning strongly towards the round ones, as I feel the hearts could distract from the leaves in the cardigan, which should really be the only decorative feature. Anyway, I'd appreciate your opinions:

Option One, Mother-of-Pearl Hearts:

Option Two, Mother-of-Pearl Rounds:

Or something else altogether?


Petit Filoux said...

Think I agree with you, the round ones do look better - very cute!!

Rowan said...

Thanks, I think I will use the round ones.