Sunday, 24 January 2010


Here it is on its very handsome new owner:
Lawrence loves it, so that means I'm happy too. We had a lovely lunch with his family today.
Let me just apologise once again for taking sooo long to get it finished, and give it to its recipient.
I actually finished it in its raglan version back in August, but decided the shoulders just weren't working. so when we got back from the States I took it back to the armholes, leaving the sleeves intact, and re-worked ordinary shoulders, which I feel work better.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Josh's Hat

Remember this? Josh's Mum Sara texted me a photo of him in his hat this week. Looks like he's one happy boy. What a handsome little guy. Gotta love that Malabrigo.
Gentle Rose is going well, and it's very fast. I'm up to the armholes in just a week. Planning on finishing the back and two fronts by the end of the weekend, then it's on to the sleeves.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that I have knitted all three parts together. And yes, those of you who know me will realise immediately that this is to avoid seaming! My reasons are two-fold: A, with a little modification and calculation, it's easier and quicker; and B, there are no visible or feel-able seams whatsoever, so it looks and feels better. It's a winner all-round!
There's a nice moss stitch border at the bottom (love a good moss edge; it flattens, doesn't curl and the texture is always great), plus a lovely cable edging at the front. I haven't done cables for ages, and have really loved getting back into them. They're so much easier than you think they're going to be, so if you're in any doubt, take it from me, and try it.

Winter roses from when Julia came over the other night. I love roses with a tinge of pink or red at the edge...

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Noro Cardie

It's finished! Another one for the FO pile. I made it in August when we were in the States (two 10.5-hour-long flights provided a great opportunity) but only got around to sewing it up last Saturday. So here it is, freshly blocked.

It's the Noro short-sleeved cardigan from the Designer Mini Knits book, by Jenny Watson.
I'd definitely recommend that pattern; it's very quick and easy, and of course the Silk Garden is lovely work with. I added an extra 10cm in length, which certainly helps.
Do you like the buttons? I was finally able to use up some of the beautiful ceramic ones from my large button hoard:
My only problem with it is my own: it doesn't really suit big boobs. I've seen other FO's on Ravelry and they suit a flatter chest much better.

All in all, a fantastic project that I would strongly consider making again, perhaps even in a solid colour, though the subtle colour changes that you only get in Noro are really what makes this piece.

Whatever Became of That Mysterious Purple Yarn?

Well, this is it. It was a slouchy snowboarding hat as a Christmas present for DH's cousin, David, a free-form loose beanie that I made up as I went along. No, that's not David in the photo; it's his Canadian cousin (David wouldn't let anyone take a photo of him!). Apparently he's happy with it, and I know his Mum was, so that's one happy customer!
I always mean to bring my camera to knit night, but never remember, so this week I took full advantage of it temporarily being in my handbag:
Some of our loyal members above and below, or at least the ones who agreed to be photographed. Jane (above, middle, made an entire hat in practically one evening!).

Toad's wearing her faithful and much-loved-by-the-group Noro scarf.

Last night my friend Julia came for dinner, and although I forgot to photograph the yummy roasted lemony-chicken we had, here's the thyme that later went ino it, beautifully ensconced in our Christmas pressie from DH's Aunt Terry, this lovely Chinese plant pot. Don't you love the smell of thyme? It's my all-time favourite herb.

It snowed again this week. Most of you probably think I'm a bit obsessed with snow, but please believe that we hardly ever get any snow in this city at all, so I'm embracing it.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

FO's 2009

So it's January and I've taken a little time to reflect lately. I thought I'd compile a glimpse of some of the things I made over the last year. I've got high hopes for myself this year: new techniques to learn and a whole new host of new projects and patterns. I'd also like to squeeze in a little designing myself if I get a second.

But for now, here's a little selection of my 2009 in knit-related photos.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

One Down, One to Go

Last Monday I finished the first sock:
I've started the second, but put it aside today to finish off the Noro cardigan which is now blocking (photos to follow when dry). As soon as it's finished, the pair is off to my little Sister.
At Knit Night this week we had our belated Secret Santa and this was my present!!
There's loads of things that take my eye in here:

I'd like to start this one sometime:
We were supposed to visit relatives today to give the cardigan to it's recipient, but unfortunately we weren't able to because Madelaine was ill. In the meantime here's a couple of teasers:

Must get back to the Gentle Rose cardie I've just begun for myself.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Some New Projects for the New Year

When we arrived at my parents', my Mum presented me with two balls of wool: Drops Fabel Superwash. I'd sourced the correct needles and we promptly got started on our socks (she's got a different version in beautiful blues and greens).
This is how much I've done in less than a week. I've actually progressed further than what you can see - I'm just about to start the decreases for the toe - is that slow? I loved the leg section, the ankle and turning the heel. Look at the reinforced heel - this is the same stitch I did for the button band on the shortsleeved Noro cardigan, very nice.
The colours are so pretty, and I love knitting with the self-patterned yarn - you never know what's coming next.

Look what I got for Christmas! It's absolutely gorgeous and I want to make everything in it:

This wrap/cardigan I loooove, though I'm not sure when I'll have the time to do it:

I'm definitely going to make this scarf, possibly for DH. It has a really subtle detailed stitch and lovely textured effect, that you get with the Rowan Scottish Tweed that this book is based around.

This one's nice too. I can't fault any of the patterns in the book, though it would help if I looked like the model in the book!

DH's Grandparents gave me this great book for Christmas and I was really touched. It's got some great things in it, and is a really good read too (Kaffe features a lot so it must be good!). Can you spot Kate Moss on the cover?

I have my eye on this tank top:

I also got this gorgeous kit for a baby cardigan, hat and polar bear that I'll make for a friend's baby ...

... and this one for a sweet owl, which I hope to knock up shortly:

My Mum also gave me this vintage pattern book (she gets them from her friemd). I love looking through these. There are actually quite a few nice things in this one, like the Honeycomb cushion.

Take a look at these scrumptious scarves that my Mum made for friends in Colinette Point 5:

The green one she knitted held together with Noro, and you can see the colour graduations here; very clever.

I love the thick and thin yarn. I have some at home that I plan to use soon. My Mum's made two others before as well and they're just stunning.

My little Sister gave me this beautiful tin for Christmas and look what's hidden inside - they are so "me"!

Deep And Crisp And Even

Well, amazingly I've made it back to London, considering we were snowed in at my parents' in Scotland for a week (we had 24.5 inches of snow to be exact - my Mum measures it and the temperature every day. -14 degrees was the coldest it got). Take a look at Christmas in the snow: walking in a winter wonderland: