Thursday, 22 July 2010

Baby Shrug

This is the Baby Shrug by Debbie Bliss from Simply Baby.

This is the most wonderful book. I want to make almost everything in it, which is a miracle considering I bought it without having seen it beforehand. I already have the yarn (yes of course, new purchases - yarn ban, what yarn ban?) for a couple of other projects, including a striped jumper. I have also got this yarn, Cashmerino Aran in dusty pink to make a larger version of the same bolero. I had never bought a Debbie Bliss book before, never mind a baby one, as I'd been saving this as a treat over the years. Now I'm so glad I've finally succumbed.
The Cashmerino Aran is the softest, most beautiful yarn and knits up so well (and quickly - bonus); I can't believe I haven't knitted with it before. This little shrug, size 3-6 months took two evenings when DH and I were on holiday.
Don't you love the lavendar colour? I wasn't sure when I picked it out as I don't normally go for this colour, but I'm so in love with it now!
When I was making it I couldn’t see how the sleeves were going to be long enough for arms, but they worked out fine. You knit the entire garment in one piece (can you see why I chose this pattern?!). Actually I chose it before I read through the pattern, and the one-piece-factor was a pleasant bonus. Then you just pick up stitches almost all around to create the ribbed edging. Sounds complicated, but wasn't in the slightest.
Sewing up the sides under the arms was a bit tricky. They aren’t the same length, so they’re gathered a bit at the back under the arm, but I think it’ll be fine when it’s on.

My only criticism of my version is that the front of mine looks curvier than the rounded curve of that in the book, but I didn't go wrong anywhere according to the pattern, and followed it faithfully. I'm sure it will straighten itself out once it's on a little body.

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