Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope your 2010 is beginning well, and you're enjoying the rest of the festive period. I don't start back at work until Monday and am not ready to give up Christmas yet. Mind you, we've been snowed in for a week in Scotland and it keeps snowing every day, so we might not make it down South in time for work - yippee!
I never make resolutions, but this year I made one in November: I'm going to try very hard not to buy any yarn for the entire year. I've got loads at home and it needs to be used up. Plus, I'm looking forward to working out which patterns I can use some obscure yarn for. I've also got some crummy new Christmas presents to get started on!
Apologies for the complete lack of photos. I've got the camera withe me, but can't download the photos until we get back. Rest assured snow will feature heavily!

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