Saturday, 16 January 2010

Whatever Became of That Mysterious Purple Yarn?

Well, this is it. It was a slouchy snowboarding hat as a Christmas present for DH's cousin, David, a free-form loose beanie that I made up as I went along. No, that's not David in the photo; it's his Canadian cousin (David wouldn't let anyone take a photo of him!). Apparently he's happy with it, and I know his Mum was, so that's one happy customer!
I always mean to bring my camera to knit night, but never remember, so this week I took full advantage of it temporarily being in my handbag:
Some of our loyal members above and below, or at least the ones who agreed to be photographed. Jane (above, middle, made an entire hat in practically one evening!).

Toad's wearing her faithful and much-loved-by-the-group Noro scarf.

Last night my friend Julia came for dinner, and although I forgot to photograph the yummy roasted lemony-chicken we had, here's the thyme that later went ino it, beautifully ensconced in our Christmas pressie from DH's Aunt Terry, this lovely Chinese plant pot. Don't you love the smell of thyme? It's my all-time favourite herb.

It snowed again this week. Most of you probably think I'm a bit obsessed with snow, but please believe that we hardly ever get any snow in this city at all, so I'm embracing it.


Icy Sedgwick said...

Wahey, my big boots made it into the photo!

Petit Filoux said...

My favourite herb is probably rosemary, it smells so divine!!
Love your friend's Noro scarf too, guess that yarn must be next of my list of yarns to buy!

Rowan said...

But of course, big boots are de rigeur on this blog!

Noro is great for striping in lots of different ways. I use it a lot (actually I have some Silk Garden Light that I really must get around to doing something with.