Saturday, 16 January 2010

Noro Cardie

It's finished! Another one for the FO pile. I made it in August when we were in the States (two 10.5-hour-long flights provided a great opportunity) but only got around to sewing it up last Saturday. So here it is, freshly blocked.

It's the Noro short-sleeved cardigan from the Designer Mini Knits book, by Jenny Watson.
I'd definitely recommend that pattern; it's very quick and easy, and of course the Silk Garden is lovely work with. I added an extra 10cm in length, which certainly helps.
Do you like the buttons? I was finally able to use up some of the beautiful ceramic ones from my large button hoard:
My only problem with it is my own: it doesn't really suit big boobs. I've seen other FO's on Ravelry and they suit a flatter chest much better.

All in all, a fantastic project that I would strongly consider making again, perhaps even in a solid colour, though the subtle colour changes that you only get in Noro are really what makes this piece.


Nalamienea said...

wow, that is some of the prettiest yarn I've ever seen! I love your cardigan and your buttons are so perfect!

Rowan said...

Thank you! I love it too; they're very quick to mock up.

writerdahling said...

I didn't know Noro was famous for their colour change, although I've noticed it in the past. It certainly makes a pretty sweater!

I sympathise with you about the big boobs. You never think when you make something it's going to be unflattering.

Petit Filoux said...

Noro was definitely a good choice for this, I love this cardi! Congrats! (sorry if this message appears twice, I don't think it registered the first time round!)

rebecca said...

I absoutely love your cardi & the Noro yarn just looks fantastic. I haven't knitted garments for years, but you've inspired me!

Rowan said...

Go on Rebecca, you can do it! I've recently decided to do some knitting for myself, having spent the last few years amking things for others. While givibg a present continues to give me much happiness, it was about time I started experimenting with different shapes and larger garments so I can teach myself how to do them!

I've got a pink cardie OTN at the moment and it's going quickly!