Friday, 25 December 2009

Ding Dong Merrily on High

When I finally finished work for Christmas yesterday I went straight home and made Florentines to take to my In-Laws today. I'm glad to say they went down very well, but you should see the state of our kitchen! Toffee, sixty Florentines, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and lovely hubby making red cabbage to take to his parents in the same room just don't mix; nuts and candied peel are all over the floor!
Last night, Christmas Eve, we went to our friends Adam and Sara for dinner with Jurassic. I made dessert, a puff pastry apple and mincemeat concoction, a bit like a strudel.
Note my holly and berry motifs!

We're just back from a lovely Christmas meal with DH's family, and tomorrow we fly up north for Christmas in the snow with my family. Can't wait. Keep your fingers crossed for us that the flight isn't delayed by snow!

Happy Holidays x


Petit Filoux said...

Hope you managed to get up north, the weather has been pretty terrible for travel!! That pudd pastry pudding looks lovely!

Rowan said...

Thanks, we dd manage to get here! As we've been snowed in since, we might not be back in time for work - he he x