Sunday, 24 January 2010


Here it is on its very handsome new owner:
Lawrence loves it, so that means I'm happy too. We had a lovely lunch with his family today.
Let me just apologise once again for taking sooo long to get it finished, and give it to its recipient.
I actually finished it in its raglan version back in August, but decided the shoulders just weren't working. so when we got back from the States I took it back to the armholes, leaving the sleeves intact, and re-worked ordinary shoulders, which I feel work better.


Nalamienea said...

Looks like it fits him perfect, too! How did you do that? LOL

Rowan said...

It did take a bit of work! I must say, it was harder making something to fit someone with the only measurements having been given over the phone! I couldn't try it on Lawrence until I gave it to him. However, it seems to have worked out quite well.