Saturday, 23 January 2010

Josh's Hat

Remember this? Josh's Mum Sara texted me a photo of him in his hat this week. Looks like he's one happy boy. What a handsome little guy. Gotta love that Malabrigo.
Gentle Rose is going well, and it's very fast. I'm up to the armholes in just a week. Planning on finishing the back and two fronts by the end of the weekend, then it's on to the sleeves.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that I have knitted all three parts together. And yes, those of you who know me will realise immediately that this is to avoid seaming! My reasons are two-fold: A, with a little modification and calculation, it's easier and quicker; and B, there are no visible or feel-able seams whatsoever, so it looks and feels better. It's a winner all-round!
There's a nice moss stitch border at the bottom (love a good moss edge; it flattens, doesn't curl and the texture is always great), plus a lovely cable edging at the front. I haven't done cables for ages, and have really loved getting back into them. They're so much easier than you think they're going to be, so if you're in any doubt, take it from me, and try it.

Winter roses from when Julia came over the other night. I love roses with a tinge of pink or red at the edge...


writerdahling said...

Do you think Gentle rose would be a good project to do your first cables on? I'm loving how it looks, but never tried cables before!

Rowan said...

Yes, I definitely do. There are only cables on the edge of the fronts (that wrap around the neck), so it's minimal cabling, and I think you'd like it.

The rest is all stocking stitch, and a moss edge along the bottom of the back and fronts.

I'll tell you more on Ravelry.

Petit Filoux said...

Those flowers are beautiful, that's my favourite colour of flowers too!