Sunday, 11 April 2010

Side Slip Cloche

We like? I do. I had so much fun knitting this hat. I saw the pattern for the first time about a month ago and have wanted to make it very since. It's the Side Slip Cloche by Laura Irwin, which is in her Boutique Knits book. Though it's not exactly the weather for such a warm hat now that Spring is on its way, I just had to do it, and plan to wear it all next Winter.
Heather kindly lent me the pattern, and I knitted the band on Friday night, finishing it this morning after I'd left the band to block yesterday and overnight.

It's great to know that I can make a hat so quickly (2 evenings' worth) and with just one 50g ball of yarn, though if I wasn't such a tight knitter it would probably be much slouchier, which may look better. I had to use a 4mm needle instead of 3.75mm, as I only had straights, not a circular in 3.75mm. However, I think it worked well, and the cloche would have been even smaller if I used the smaller needle, which wouldn't have been good.

The ruffle is so pretty, and great fun to make (imagine a 3-needle-bind-off without the bind-off, one of my favourites!). Some people who have made it on Ravelry mentioned that the joining part of the ruffles is difficult to work out, though I can honestly say I didn't have any such problems; if you're making one, just look at the photo of the designer's one and you'll work it out.

The yarn is Rowan Alpaca Cotton. When I went to find the yarn specified in the pattern, Rowan RYC Soft Lux, I discovered it had been discontinued. I knew that in order to achieve very little stitch definition, I needed something fluffy, hence the alpaca, and this yarn was the right weight (worsted). Some people have made it in pure cotton, and others 100% wool, but I really prefer less stitch definition in this hat. The colour is a lovely oatmeal, and I wanted something neutral-ish which would go with most of my coats in winter.

Look at the detail here. Basically you make two ruffles, one larger than the other, then the band, sew it together, pick up stitches round the selvedge edge, and knit up in the other direction, increasing once, and decreasing much later. Much fun was had.

I didn't need the second ball so I think I'll return it and make one in red, because I like elisheva's one so much on Rav (though goodness knows I don't have the colouring to pull it off!). I just love the pattern so much. It's a flirty little Flapper number and I am going to wear it to death!

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Nalamienea said...

nice job! It looks super cute ! :)