Monday, 5 April 2010

FO's, But Not Mine

But first, here's evidence of my little Sister knitting. My and my Mum's influence has finally rubbed off on her. It only took a few years! She's making a scarf for her friend in Colinette Point 5. She swears that this is the only thing she's ever going to make; little does she realise that this is just the beginning!
Below is Jayne's scarf. Jayne's a regular at my Stitch N' Bitch in Hammersmith and started working on this scarf as her first ever project. She actually finished it ages ago but brought it in to Caffe Nero on Tuesday to show it off. Doesn't it look great?
And finally, Gardenia below is showing off her Grandson's cricket jumper, specifically made in his club's colours. Gardenia's a new member and a very welcome addition to the group. I took the photo just when she'd finished the neck. All she needed to do then was sew it up (I bet she's done that already by now).

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