Sunday, 21 March 2010

Tank Top...Early Days

Well, the blanket's finished, so on to something new. When I say finished, I mean that all of the knitting is finished, but I still have to weave in the ends and block it. Still, it's the weekend and I want to enjoy myself; that's a Monday night job.
Therefore I've begun Honeycomb, a lovely textured tank top that I plan to wear over a white shirt, or perhaps a short-sleeved top. It has the perfect scoop-neck that I was searching for, a great slip-stitch pattern, and a twisted rib waist-band, which is where I am currently. It goes without saying that I have adapted this pattern to be knitted in the round, and I'm using 4.5mm circ's, size small.

I have been meaning to make a tank top for years, and searched many pattern databases for the perfect style. I had always wanted a scoop neck, so this fit the bill, and it's nicely textured without being bulky. If I was to make another in future, I may consider a V-neck in plain stockinette, as that would go much quicker. But that's a long way off!

When I found this pattern, I searched in vain for the correct wool, Elsebeth Lavold Silky-Wool, and couldn't find it for sale in this country. So I took myself off to the Ravelry projects page to see which yarns other people had used, and came up with Rowan Felted Wool, based on some useful recommendations and advice that someone had posted. This is the perfect suubstitute for me, as I wanted a tweedy, non-silky yarn anyway. It has a great range of colours, and in particular a good red, which is the colour I had originally intended to make the tank-top in. Now that I've started knitting with it, the red seems a little darker than I expected, but I'm sure I'll like it more when I get further into the piece.

My Stitch N' Bitch, Hammersmith SNB is planning a Tank Top KAL this year, following on from the highly successful French Press Slippers KAL that we recently undertook. I'm sorry everyone that I've already started, but I'm happy to stop at the end of the waist-band and hold off until we're all ready.

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