Saturday, 20 March 2010

Colour Wheel

The blanket is almost finished.

This is one of those projects which, though different on the reverse, unusually looks just as nice. The colours are lovely, as are the textures created by the cotton and slip-stich combination.

I've just realised this one looks like a snail.

This week I received in the post some buttons that I bought on Etsy. Don't you love them?

They are from PaperFish and I found out about them from Petit Filou. The red toadstool-like ones initially appealed to me, but I couldn't pass up all of those divine colours. There are some great colour combinations to play around with:
Powder blue and dark fuschia...
...teal and orange.
Think of all the different accessories and jumpers they'll look good on. In fact, I'm starting a dress-making course next week, and have an idea in my head for a garment that could do with some polka-dot button adornment! Don't worry, this doesn't mean that I'm giving up on my knitting. Far from it; I'm just adding another string to my bow and kickstarting my memory of past sewing.

Once the blanket's finished I'm moving on to my tank top. I'm making it in Rown Felted Tweed in Rage (dark red). Looking forward to it!

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