Sunday, 5 July 2009

FO: Shrug!

The shrug is finished! Here are some photo's pre-blocked; I'll get a photo of it on someone soon:
It was a very quick knit (I love using worsted weight on a 5mm needle). It was very easy, with a nice smattering of lace. The only bit I worried about beforehand was picking up the stitches around the body to work in rib, but in the end it was really easy.
I made one change; it's supposed to be knitted flat, but I prefer to knit everything in the round whenever possible, so I knitted the arms in the round.
I love it; perfect for keeping your shoulders warm on a cool summer night (though it's pretty hot here at the moment - for Britain, that is):

Last night DH and I went over to his parents to see his sister who's over from Dubai. My MIL made her yummy oriental chicken salad, and I brought dessert:
Summer Pavlova:

You might not be able to see very well from the photo but it's a very soft pavlova. I've made it lots of times, and it's a perfect summer dish when fruit is at its best. Basically, you turn the oven up to it's hottest setting, make your usual merringue recipe, spread it out into a rectangle on an oven tray, put it in the oven then immediately turn the oven off and leave overnight. Turn the merringue out onto a serving dish, cover with whipped double cream and the fruit of your choice. I used loganberries, blueberries and pomegranate seeds which I sprinkled with rosewater and lavendar sugar.
More roses!

Finally the Peaches & Creme in Ecru that I've been waiting for has arrived, so I can get on with the Rainbow Chain Carriage Blanket. I should have photos for you soon-ish.

By the way, in case anyone's wondering, Hammersmith Stitch N' Bitch is going really well. We meet every week now, which really suits me, and it's such a great group of people. It's great being able to share my hobby with such lovely people; plus I've learned quite a few good tips so far.

Two weeks ago we went to the pub, which we have decided to try to do once a month as it stays open later than the cafe. 12 people came, including a few newbies, each of them great fun and very talented. I think the high turnout may have been due to the promise of wine! Tuesday is now the highlight of my week!


Anonymous said...

I love your knitting group success story! Go you. Nothing like a pub to boost attendance.

I wish I had some meringue-making skills to apply to making that yummy pavlova (something about egg whites?). Looks wonderful laden with berries.

Cannot wait to see the shrug flaunted for a photo shoot! And your Rainbow Chain blanket will be a knockout.

Icy said...

Ah, the shrug is totally awesome! Looks absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Girls!

Icy, I'm looking forward to seeing your shrug too!

Rowan xx