Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Knitterly Istanbul

In the Islamic Arts Museum I unintentionally found a crude example of yarn dyeing in a yurt (black goat-skin hut from the Anatolian province of Turkey) and also managed to get told off for taking photos!:

I stumbled across ome crazy (and HUGE) felted hats in a shop:

And some not-so-huge ones:

Doesn't this remind you of a Moderne Log Cabin Blanket?

Anyone recognise this???

I immediately thought of the wonderful Kaffe when I saw this, and sure enough when I got home and checked my Pattern Library, there it was: the Caucasian Stripe:

I think my beloved Kaffe may have got quite a few of his motifs from his travels to Turkey. Here's another I saw everywhere:

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amy said...

Those felted hats seem so out of place, but how great are they! Random but funky and beautiful.

Loving all your pics.