Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rainbow Blanket: Blocked

It would be too boring (for you and me) to show as many photos as last time, so here's one blocked photo.
I'm pleased with the way it turned out, but somehow preferred the "fluffier" look when it first came off the needles. That's the beauty of it not being a garment; it doesn't have to fit a certain size, so can be what you want it to be.

I'm off to Istanbul for the weekend. See you soon!


henzy said...

lovely blanket, i agree about the fluff factor but i like the colors and pattern

amy said...

Yippee, your blanket is ready for snuggling! Looks lovely.

Lucky girl. Istanbul! Was there this time of year several years ago, but now it seems so far away. Show us pics.

Lou said...

Still think the blanket looks amazing. And yes, non-garment items are bliss, who wants to worry about gauge?!
Hope you have fun in Istanbul, make sure you do a little trip on the river, it's really quite wonderful!