Sunday, 31 October 2010


This is my Lanesplitter from Knitty First Fall 2010, which I actually finished a couple of months ago. I've just had it blocked and waiting for me to get round to threading the elastic through the waist band.

Being 8.5 months pregant at the moment, I'm afraid I can't model it for you as the bump wasn't taken into account when making my usual size! Some time after Christmas I should be able to wear it though.

There are lots of other great versions out there, and it was hard choosing the colour(s)! As always with Noro, the thrill is in waiting to see what colour combinations arise. In this pattern, the excitement is increased by alternating two balls at the same time. I know some people carefully chose when are where to start a new ball, and cut out sections they felt didn't work, but I just went with it and watched to see what would happen.

I'm pleased with the result. Above is the seam, which would be impossible to match up colourwise. I can't decide whether to wear the seam at the back or side.

It's basically one long rectangle, which is knit on the diagonal, so you begin by increasing at regular intervals to the mid point, then decreasing down to a point at the other end, all the while alternating every two rows with stocking and garter stitch.

Enjoy the magical Noro colour graduations...


Petit Filoux said...

I look forward to seeing what it looks like on you/ a real person! Don't think I could ever pull off a knitted skirt, but i must say the colours look incredible

Rowan said...

Thank you; it will probably look better off than on!