Saturday, 19 December 2009

Aeoilan Shawl

With the sun shining this morning I took the opportunity to get outside and photograph the shawl.
It took a little while to find a good backdrop, until I found this wall. Wrapping it round a tree this time just wasn't cutting it.

I love the shadow of the branches against the shawl.

Half-way through, I realised the shawl was creating a delicate shadow onto the wall behind.

Here are some indoor shots, which show the true colour of the yarn.

It snowed here this week! Just in time for Christmas. I know this will look pretty pathetic for those of you who have proper snow, but it really is unusual to see snow in London.

As we walked home late on Thursday night, the snow was falling in large flakes and we expected to wake up to a winter wonderland, but there was only ice, so I don't have any good photos of our brief flurry.


Petit Filoux said...

That's a beautiful shawl, must have taken you ages!!

Rowan said...

Thanks! It only took 3 weeks, and it would have been much less if I hadn't been doing two other projects at the same time.

writerdahling said...

I love how you "pose" your finished projects to take pictures of it. It does look absolutely stunning.