Saturday, 16 May 2009


Before we went to Skye, I had come across a snippet about Shilasdair Yarns in The Knitter magazine, so of course I managed to squeeze in a visit once I got to Skye.

It's a small but wonderful hand-dying yarn company that produces some amazing yarn combinations of cashmere, alpaca, cotton etc. in a whole rainbow of colours. Their secret is that they use local natural dyes for most of their colours, which they find on the beach and in the hills around the peninsula where they are based, such as wild-flowers and lichens.

Some recently dyed yarn:

They kindly showed me their dye studio, where some blue socks were bubbling away in one of the vats:

Here's a shot of the shop, where you can see the many hues they produce, in various types of yarn (sorry for the blurred photo):

I couldn't just leave all that yarn there by itself, so of course managed to fill my basket! Here's some luxury DK in a cashmere/angora/lambswool blend that I plan to use for a sweater:

And some lovely greeny Aran lambswool for a blanket. The colour doesn't show up well here; I'll try to take a better photo:

Finally some silk in a lovely raspberry that I'll make into a tie for DH:

If you're ever on the island it's well worth a visit, but they also ship (oh dear, sounds dangerous!).


Anonymous said...

How cool that you made this part of the trip. No distance to great for the yarn fix. Lovely colors! And to think they're naturally dyed - makes me think of where they found each one.

Rowan said...

Hi Amy,

I tried to be the first person to post a comment but it looks like I’m still having problems leaving a comment, even if I don’t enter my blog address. It must be a problem at my end because other people can leave comments on your blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that your Fifi looks absolutely beautiful. I’m very tempted to make one myself, but haven’t yet branched into making garments for myself.

Don’t let anyone put you off green. It’s such a pretty, fresh colour, plus there’s a shade to suit everyone. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Take care,
Rowan xx