Sunday, 31 May 2009

Rainbow Bear

Another little bear, this one in Koigu:
Hes's multi-coloured and speckled! Can anyone give me some advice: do you think he needs a face? Or would it look too fussy?

Close-up of the colours:

Here's the tie I made DH a couple of weeks ago:

Yes, there's a colour join (blue to grey - I ran out of the blue, but I don't think it matters). I still have to stitch in a sliver of fabric along the neck-band, so I'll show you that another time. It's basically a slightly graduated moss stitch tube with the ends sewn up, and a stockinette neck-band. I'm quite pleased with it, and DH seems to like it, but if he doesn't like the feel of angora I'll just put it on Etsy.
I thought just I'd just show you some legwarmers I made about a year ago. I've been meaning to send them to my Sister in Edinburgh, and I'm making a pair for myself now. They look very long, but they're not when they're on, as you scrunch them up.

Finally, some peonies Alex gave me when she came for lunch last week. Aren't they beautiful? The petals look like paper.

I've got Monday Knit Night at Stash tomorrow and my own group on Tuesday!


amy said...

Ah, I say give the wee bear a face. Little personality waiting to come out!

Who doesn't like the feel of angora? Even better if it's next to the skin, but the tie might look a little strange with a t-shirt. :) Nice stitching.

Those legwarmers look suuuuper cozy, and I love the color. I made some pink/maroon ones a couple of years ago and they continue to deliver on the warm, soft front, as well as the nostalgic Flashdance front. Fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy, that's just what I needed to hear; I knew I could count on you! On with the bear face. Though not tonight (just in from Tuesday Knit Night).

I'll post a photo of Rainbow Bear avec face in a couple of days xx

Icy said...

Your bear is so cute!! I think he'd look just as cute with a face though, but something nice and simple.