Thursday, 19 March 2009

Spring Is In The Air

Brook Green Blossom.
Hi, Sorry I've been quite busy so no knitting shots this time, just everything else that's been going on in my life:

Birthday flowers: yellow roses, my all-time favourite, and the fragrance...

They were from my lovely hubby, who also gave me tickets to Springsteen in the Park in June. How excited am I?!

On Sunday my cousin Melissa and her husband Clinton came over for lunch so I made tasty roasted chicken legs with lemons and red onions and a made-up minted bread sauce which turned out really well. For pud I made this apple cake from the World Food Cafe 2 recipe book, which Ysolda had recommended. It was SCRUMMY! Thanks Ysolda, I'll be making this again for my parents when they visit in two weeks.

These are some thistles that my DMIL Wendy gave me, along with some white roses when I was in the throes of my chest infection (yes, I've still got it!). Being Scottish, I love thistles; the colours are incredible. It was really thoughtful of her; just what I needed to cheer myself up!

In knitting news, I've almost finished Curlicue in a lovely oatmeal colour, and will be blocking it this afternoon - photos to follow soon. I love the finished project, but now need a break from lace knitting - all those YO's make it easy to drop/add a stitch accidentally. I got the idea to make it from Amy.

Next up will be a matching bear for a friend of a friend (possibly my first ever commission!!!), and a beret for my friend Jo (another request whoo hoo!).

I'm off to finish the blanket xx


mrs.cupcake said...

can not wait to see pictures of your finished product.

amy said...

Yippee, an oatmeal Curlicue! Happy blocking - you deserve the lace break.

Roses, thistles, and apple cake - where's Jeeves when I need him to hook me up with some of that action?