Saturday, 28 March 2009

Little Bear

Little Bear is finished!
He was very quick to knit up (I finished him earlier in the week), and I knew what to expect after having done the bunny previously.
They are both Lovable Toys by Marion Edmonds from Last Minute Hand-Knitted Gifts. On both occasions I used Blue Sky Alpacas in Sportweight and the only modification I have made is to knit the entire thing in the round. I simply can't understand why anyone would want to seam each limb, when you can just use Magic Loop and knit the entire animal in the round. Granted, when I was first told about Magic Loop I got my knickers in a twist, panicked and promised I would never try it. However, I perservered and have been using the technique ever since.
Little Bear will make a great present for someone.

Now I know it looks like it's snowed here in Brook Green, but look closer...

It's just the blossom. This happens every March and it wows me every time. I'm guessing this is apple blossom because of the colour (possibly plum) but I'll never know because for some mysterious reason the trees in our street never fruit.

The pink cherry blossom hasn't appeared yet but it's in bud, and when that falls, we get a pink carpet lining the street (I'll show you when the time comes).


amy said...

Little Bear is a total cutie. I like Magic Loop, too - worth the learning curve.

Oh, the blossoms are so pretty!

Rowan said...

Thanks Amy,

Your comments mean a lot!