Sunday, 29 August 2010

No Knitting For Now...

As I plod on with the blanket, I'll update you on the baby's room. DH and I are currently trying to work out where best to place furniture. DH cunningly came up with a plan on graph paper (no, I didn't let him borrow my special knitting graph paper), and even cut out moveable furniture pieces.

Since then, he has become even more manly, and mapped out the shapes on the floor of the room.

Pea and spinach fritatta I made last week for dinner.

I'm about two thirds of my way through the blanket, and progress is going quickly now. DH and I are going to the Cotswolds this week for a last break as just the two of us, so I should be able to make some progress on the blanket then.
See you when we get back.


Jenny said...

This post made me giggle, I showed my DH and he said it looked like a very sensible approach, I can so imagine him doing the same thing! Exciting stuff for you both x x

Rowan said...

Thanks Jenny. He really is very resourceful, sometimes! x