Saturday, 29 May 2010

The One Where A Car Drove Off With My Cotton Reel

How do I begin?...
Well to start with, unfortunately I don't have any photos to illustrate my yarn.
I told you that I had taken up dress-making classes, right? Well, last Monday night I took along my sewing machine to class in order to get some help as I was having trouble picking up the lower thread. Apparently this is a common problem with my particular model (a Toshiba SPA15). Fortunately the lovely Carrie quite by chance has the same machine, and was able to help me fix the problem.
This explains why I drove to class, which isn't too far away: I had to carry my not-so-light sewing machine. Stay with me, I'm getting to the crux of the story...
When I got home, and opened the front door, I suddenly felt a tug on the machine I had cradled in my arms. Would you believe, I had left the cotton reel from the top of the machine in the boot of the car (it must have fallen off when I was driving), and I had carried the machine across the street and into the house with it still attached to the car.
The tug I felt was actually a passing car taking the thread with it! I couldn't believe the thread didn't snap. This all resulted of course, in me traipsing round the neighbourhood trying to untangle the entire mess, meanwhile tying my legs, ankles and knees together at regular intervals. The whole adventure took about half-an-hour, and I ended up with a huge pile of unusable tangled thread.
Everyone I have told this to said they wished they had been there and had had a video camera to capture it. It was funny, and I'm sure the neighbours would have found it hilarious if they were looking out of the window, this scatty woman wandering around Brook Green in search of
some (to them) invisible thing.

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