Sunday, 21 February 2010


What to do with a packet of basil that's hanging around in the fridge going nowhere? Make pesto of course.
I just blitzed the basil with pine nuts and parmesan and seasoned it. Job done.
Yesterday I whipped up a pair of slippers. My group, Hammersmith Stitch N' Bitch is doing a KAL, which we've called Slippathon 2010, for the French Press Slippers that almost everyone on Ravelry's made - they're popular! They're currently in the washing machine felting. Photos to follow when dry. I'll show you everyone else's versions too when we've all finished.
DH's cousin's hat is also blocking (from Friday) and I'm about to start my next project: a present for a friend's sister's baby, at her request. Then I'll start thinking about the tank top that I want to start. The group's also doing a Tank Top KAL, though we'll all be using different patterns. It should be fun to see how they all turn out.

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