Sunday, 15 November 2009

Give-away Winner

I gave Rebecca an extra two weeks, but I'm afraid I haven't heard anything, so I've drawn another winner: it's Adriana! I've PM'd her on Ravelry and when she's given me her address I'll post the yarn off to her straight away.
In an effort to put off a project that I have to finish, in true knitter style I have started a new WIP: an Aeolian shawl, below:
I've well and truly caught the shawl bug, though it's the actual knitting process and finished project rather than the usability of them that I enjoy.
I've known about the Aeolian for a while but wan't sure I wanted to make one so intricate, but having looked for another shawl pattern and not found anything nearly as stunning, I cast on last night. It has the advantage of being by the same designer as the Swallowtail (Elizabeth Freeman), which I really enjoyed, and doesn't involve increases on the purl side, a major factor.

I'm not loving the colour yet, but it was in the stash and I thought I'd use it up. It's Allison Avery Merino DK in Crimson, and it's very soft. I think it works better in fingering weight and darker colours. Navy blue could be nice...

Toad also recently lent me her EZ book, Knitter's Almanac, which has proved for some interesting reading.

DH has declined to have a pair of these made for him!:


Adri said...

Yay! Thanks for doing the giveaway! :D I'm so excited!!!

Adri said...

Just got the yarns today. Thank you they're so pretty! :D