Saturday, 1 August 2009

Cardigan Update and Rowanberries

After last weekend's four days of no knitting (yes, British Airways refused to let me on the plane with my "weapons"), I was desparate to get back to the needles.
I made up for it at Tuesday's SNB and last night finished the back of the cardigan. No sneak-peak I'm afraid, as the recipient may check the blog! It's certainly long enough, though quite narrow; hopefully that will all change with the restorative powers of blocking. Now, onto the first front!
This week I happened to notice a Rowan tree brimming with berries near my office. Isn't this a strange time of year for berries? Usually they appear in Autumn; I know last year I photographed the Rowanberries in my street when it was dark at 5pm.
I also spotted this beautiful Buddleia on my way to work.

Have you ever looked up close? The centres of the tiny flowers are orange.. who knew?

Must get back to the needles!


wiwiana said...

Oops! How come BA doesn't allow needles on board! I am flying out tomorrow to Dubai (hence can't go to Nero this Tue... sob sob...). Hope Emirates let me bring my needles in... :(

Rowan said...

Hi Vivian,

I think the woman who wouldn't let me take mine didn't know what she was talking about, because BA let Annette take hers to the States. I'm sure you'll be fine. Perhaps I made a mistake by asking before I checked in my luggage (I then just put the needles in the hold instead). If I had gone through the x-ray machione with them it might have been ok.

How's the job going? Have a great time in Dubai.

See you soon,
Rowan xx

Petit Filoux said...

I had that problem too, and called up the airline who told me it was a definite no-no :-( - well that was only Easyjet, so next time, I'll be taking the Eurostar!!

Anonymous said...

Again with the lovely flowers! You have such an eye for them.

BA and their fear of knitting needles is ridiculous. Although I'd read they didn't officially allow knitting needles, I pushed the gamble button and made it through with them in my carry-on a few months ago on a domestic flight from London. I definitely think asking will prompt them to forbid it, so (with a stitch holder at the ready) I choose to live dangerously. If I'm the worst problem they have at the x-ray machine, then the world is in pretty good shape.