Tuesday, 30 December 2008

White Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (almost) from cold and frosty Scotland! No snow, but lots of frost that looks very like snow, has landed and covered everything in sight...

the rosehips...

and Angelica.

Luckily, there is respite from the cold - look, my Mum's LYS! It's fantastic;
Three Bags of Wool is run by Sarah, and stocks loads of unusual yarns and patterns. Imagine, in the middle of the North East of Scotland, a little village called Aberlour has the best yarn store ever!

Here's a glimpse of what I purchased: two balls of the first Colinette, two balls of the second Noro Silk Garden Light (not to mention a great Noro pattern book) and several balls of the third Eskimo yarn (I hadn't heard of it, but it's really soft and felts really well). I also stocked up on some needle-felting needles and a sweet button in raspberry ripple.

Here are a couple of my Mum's scarves using the Colinette thick-and-thin; they look fantastic in moss stitch:

Below is a shawl (obviously unblocked) that I started over Christmas using Noro Sock; this isn't even a ball's worth so far and I'm planning on using two. The wool's scratchy, but according to Sarah it softens when washed - I've seen evidence.

I've already started working with the Noro Silk Garden that I bought - elbow-length gloves (the yarn has a really luxurious feel).

That's all for now folks but I'll be back soon.

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Rorinho said...

Here i am. Oh yes. Post the pictures of the drunken knitters. Give the people what they want. Holla, Gangstaaaa